. Ola amigos! Themartialartsofmoney.com is offi¢ia| My name is Jesse Mac Douga|| and my Areas of Expertise are Accounting, Computer Science and Martial Arts. The Purpose of this goup is to ¢reate results with others. Each member has a weekly follow through statistic. FACT: An optimized F0||0w through $¢0rè increases the likelyhood of reaching your target, goal, pie^$ky. PHILOSOPHY: Currently focusing on pushing myself in the direction where I can investing most of my business time towards developing ethical business. Personal Characteristi¢$ REQUIRED| Teamwork-orientated; Results focused; ambitious; integrity. REQUIREMENTS must be working towards a goal. Options A: Tech Sessions Working On The Machine B: Consulting with Jesse $180 *Leverage My Areas of Expertise to your Ma¢hine. C: Donation BOOK NOW! : calendly.com/jmacdougca Payment Options: paypal Button